Among temporary tattoos, Airbrush Tattoo is one of the best and widely used types throughout the world. Using an airbrush, it is sprayed through the stencil on the surface of the skin using specially formulated paint instead of dye. Body art airbrush tattoo were popularized not only by the make-up artists but also by the film directors for the purpose of retaining a realistic effect of tattoos on the body of the actors. These airbrush tattoos were preferred by the actors since the position and pattern of the tattoo would remain intact even after taking a shower. This helped the make-up artists to save time since they did not need to redo the tattoos again.

What is the probable duration of the tattoo?
Airbrush Tattoo Kit can be used for creating temporary tattoos that last for approximately two to seven days. The lasting duration of the body art tattoo is primarily dependent on 3 factors:

1. Position of Temporary Tattoo.
Duration the body art airbrush tattoo lasts is shortened if the person perspires a lot. The life span of the body art airbrush tattoo becomes limited since the human body constantly perspires as well as sheds skin. The Airbrush tattoo also does not stay for long on certain parts of the body like the torso since the body creates maximum warmth there. Some of the common sweaty spots of the body are neck, soles of feet, back of knees, under arms and inside of elbows.
2. Different Skin Type of People.
Body art airbrush tattoo will have lesser lifespan on oily skin than on dry skin. Sebum secreted by the skin adversely affects the adhesive properties of the paint.
3. Personal Cleanliness & After Care.
It is recommended not to scrub the tattoo, since it will not increase its lifespan. If proper after care is taken, Temporary Tattoo will last long than expected. It should be kept dry and baby or talcum powder should be applied for long lasting effect.
What are the advantages of Airbrush Body Art?
Temporary Tattoo Trade

Airbrush Tattoos have emerged as the most popular type of temporary tattoo which is available. Body art airbrush tattoo is non-permanent, clean, painless, quick and effective. This is ideal for school fêtes, kid’s parties, shows and markets. A large number of people in different countries are making lump some by airbrushing in “Temporary Tattoo Trade”. You can visit the body art airbrush tattoo expos, participate in the competitions and market yourself for hire.

Airbrush Tattoo Equipment

Below are airbrush tattoo kits and sets which include all the basics to get you started on your temporary airbrush tattoo and body art projects.

SKU PTS-SETWeight 23.0 lb
Price $485.00
Sale Price
Model: PTS-SET
This professional Set contains everything you need to begin your Tattoo business.The D3000 is quiet and mounted on a storage tank.You also get (4) H#3 single action airbruses, (4) 1oz cover assemblies and (1) 3oz bottle for cleaning.The 8 foot hose is equipped with a quick disconnect which makes switching from airbrush to airbrush quick and easy.You will also receive (4) 2oz bottles of Tattoo Paints(Black, Red, Blue & White) and (6) Stencil designs.

Weight 13.0 lb
Price $199.00
Sale Price
Model: BTS-SET
This starter kit contains everything you need to get started.The D100 is small and quiet and comes with an 8 foot air hose.You also get (1) H#3 single action airbrush, (4) 1oz Cover assemblies and (1) 3oz bottle for cleaning.You will also receive (4) 1oz bottles of Tattoo Paints(Black, Red, Blue & White) and (6) Stencil designs.

Weight 1.25 lb

A complete airbrush kit to get you started on your temporary tattoo projects. This kit includes the H#3 single action airbrush, 4 foot air hose, (3) 1oz tattoo paints with airbrush adapters, (1) 1oz airbrush cleaner, (6) Stencil designs and (1) 1oz bottle assembly.


1, Clean the area of skin where you want the tattoo. 2, Choose a tattoo stencil. 3, Position stencil onto the skin. 4, Airbrush though the stencil. 5, Slowly remove the stencil. 6, Your tattoo is complete, lightly dust with talcum powder to prolong tattoos life span. No experience needed, quick and painless, even a child can do it!